Invest in Fish

Europe’s fisheries are in crisis. Too many fishing boats are chasing too few fish. Earlier this year, new EU laws were agreed that could help fish stocks recover, and secure jobs and income for the fishing industry.

Now, in 0 days, the European Parliament will vote on EU subsidies that could either support or undermine these laws and the sustainability of Europe’s fishing industry.


Ask your member of the european parliament to invest in more fish, not in more boats.

Take Action

Thank you for visiting. This action is now over. Thanks to your campaigning, on October 23rd, the European Parliament voted against subsidies for fleet renewal and have given fish stock recovery a fighting chance! Please follow organisational links below for more information about Common Fisheries Policy reform.


Yes to greater investment in data collection, control and enforcement

No to subsidies for the
construction of new fishing boats

Currently, too few subsidies are allocated for data collection, and control and enforcement. Suitable data is missing in some areas, while monitoring and enforcement is inadequate in many member states. These are essential for stock recovery, responsible fisheries management and the creation of a level playing field for all fishers.

EU subsidies are largely responsible for the EU fishing fleet being three times the size what fish stocks can support. Overfishing is estimated to cost us more than €3 billion every year in lost income, whereas recovered fish stocks could support more than 100,000 jobs. Eliminating subsidies for the construction of new boats is crucial to rebuilding fish stocks and securing a viable future for the sector. This is also why EU member states previously agreed at the United Nations and the World Trade Organisation to abolish subsidies that contribute to overfishing.

Help us put Europe’s fisheries on the path to sustainability and profitability.

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